Universities & Studies


Depending on the study course you want to do, your budget and the city you prefer, we help you to find the right faculties to apply for. We have a big knowledge through our student network over four countries. 

Romania offers low tuition fees and living costs compared to other countries. Good medical faculties and many abroad students mainly from Germany, France, Italy and Greece. Romanian is a simple language compared to other languages. Even with bad marks you have chances to get a study place if you have other qualifications.


Hungary offers even medical studies in german. The universities of Hungary have high standards and Budapest is a very attractive metropole for students. It's not cheap to study here but for many students its worth it. Budapest is more than just a great place to study.

Poland is a good country to live in. The living costs are like in Romania low but the tuition fees a bit higher. The universities have very high standards and cities like Szczecin and Wrocław offers great opportunities for abroad students. Poland is developing fast and does not differentiate much from western european countries.


Bulgaria is one of the cheapest solutions and offers even medical studies next to the beach of Varna and in the big capital Sofia. The tuition fees and living costs are low. And Sofia has a big popular medical faculty with many students. The school marks are not the main criteria for getting accepted.