Romania has many universities offering Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. A very popular university with a very good reputation is the UMF in Cluj-Napoca. Cluj is the second biggest city in romania and counted 2019 around 700.000 citizen. The university has high european standards and the degree is accepted in the Bologna process (like degrees from other countries in europe). For example if your marks aren't the best but you want to study medicine anyway, the UMF is a good possibility bc they have other priorities in accepting students. Other good universities and places to study from our own experience in Romania are Targu Mures, Timisoara, Bucharest, Constanta and Iasi. Studying in this country is one of the cheapest solutions for students, who wants to study abroad in europe. Diffrent than other agencies we can tell you from our own experience how the studies in the specific university are going and what is important to know before You decide where You want to study.


1. English or French Certificate either with a Toefl or Ielts test or participating a test at the university which is experienced as way more easy

2. A-level certificate and other school certificates have to be translated in Romanian and notarially certified

3. Motivation letter and recommendation letters are very important

Costs: 3000 per semester

Student Experience: It's very complicated and bureaucratic, everything has to be complete otherwise your application is not accepted. We know exactly how important and which documents are and we have contacts in Romania who can translate your certificates for you.