Bulgaria offers with Sofia a capital city with many nice places and cheap living costs.

Also Varna a city at the black sea coast, a touristic place with great weather and beaches. There are also small places like Plovdiv and Pleven but we don't recommend them for medical studies. Bulgaria and Romania are one of the cheapest places for medical studies bc of the low tuition fees and the low living costs. Sofia and Varna have big medical faculties which are getting more and more popular.


1. marks are not the main criteria, but it's good to have good marks in biology and chemnistry

2. Acceptance test in biology and chemnistry

3. Language test Toefl, Ielts or the test offered by the university which we can recommend

Costs: 4000 per semester, 3.500 in Pleven

Student experience: The medical faculties have very modern features and reputation regarding to the educational level.