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We are abroad students in studies like medicine, dentistry and pharmacy and ready to help you!

It's hard to apply for studies in a country you don't know. Safe time, avoid stress and increase your chances.

 Let us find the right place to study for you. We know what is important for the application.

We can increase your chances of getting accepted. And help you with starting a new life in a new country.

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About us

We are students in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca, Budapest and Wroclaw. We also have connections to students from other universities all over the countries we are offering you. We know exactly what is important for the application but also for living in the country you want to study in. We can provide you with help even after you got accepted and if you didn't got accepted we can help you to apply somewhere else. For us it's important to help you bc we all were in the same situation like you and we know sometimes everything seems complicated and difficult. We want to give you the help you need to get into the studies you want and also your new life in the new country. We know that many people paying too much for agencies which don't provide enough help and we want to change that. If we get enough donations we will even provide our services for free.


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